The Gadget Mindset

The more the better; Gadgets, apps, gear and what-ever we can buy that is a little bit lighter, smarter, faster, more technological and more advanced… to help us move on

Self realization through gadgets

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

The gadget mindset is in vogue. Self-realization is not so much something to be mastered as something to invest in. From the latest smart-phone, to apps that can make us look sharper or work-out more optimized and jackets that can change with the weather and capture energy from the sun. The Gadget mindset face challenges from lack of self-esteem, to way-finding, to marriage problems, to fear by pointing gadgets at them. – Challenges are seldom solved, they are more often fixed by the Gadget mindset.

There is always something that we can either buy or subscribe to that will fix it – And a product that will promise us 100% satisfaction, or yet another additional product ad a good price to fix that…

illustration of Hiker type with all kinds of advanced gear and gadgets. saying I'm all gear. drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
The All gadget personality with the right apps, gear and tools

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