Psychological solutions in bottles and containers

Medicine can be the best way to help change direction for challenged, but it is not always the way it is used – and maybe we need to take a look at why more and more rely on medicine

Subscribing drugs as help against everything from loneliness to angst

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt.

More and more drugs are developed and subscribed by larger and larger companies, to still more and younger users, and nobody seems really sure about why more and more of the 7.5 + billion people in the world are now relying on pharmaceutical drugs to get through the day

A huge number of radical changes in both our lifestyle and relationships are considered influential

So many things around us are changing rapidly at the moment, both in the way we structure and understand reality and how we relate to our surroundings ( that are changing too) – That nobody really knows for sure what causes what, in what looks like loops of complex feedback systems and fast changing living circumstances.

What is it the drugs try to level out?

Lost contact and relationships, lost physical activity, more than half of day time on screens, social media addiction, stress, radiation from networks, industrial food, environmental pollution, changed work patterns, urban living conditions, or lost contact with nature, or with community, family, friends, or with reality… Or with social, religious and cultural frameworks, has all been named as examples of what the drugs, more and more of us take, might be replacing…

Four containers, with happiness, joy, relief, and care written on them. illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Happiness, joy, care and relief as something you can get in a container

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