The Storyteller

Storytelling is something that we humans use in unique ways

Telling stories as a way of living

Drawn story by Frits Ahlefeldt.

Most of us tell stories or listen to stories all the time, it is something we humans have turned into one of our most celebrated art forms and most often and widely used activities.

There are so many dimensions in storytelling and the stories are so fundamental to how we see the world that it is an open question if we would be able to see reality as anything but a story

It makes storytelling one of the most important of our activities and we have most likely spent the last thousand of years refining and evolving the narratives we live within, from the start around the camp-fire to the screens everybody watch today. Stories are the structure that keeps everything together – or splinter it into fragments

The storyteller plays an important role here, from the drunken dreamer in the bar to the TED talker, to the old adventurer, they are all sharing stories that makes everybody see reality in entertaining and even new ways

Man with hiking gear and headlamp telling a story. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
The Storyteller

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