Sometimes it comes down to trust

Preparation can get us far, but sooner or later we get to a place where it is more a question if we dare take the next step

Taking steps away from the known

Drawn story by Frits Ahlefeldt.

Trust is a central theme in psychology, do we trust that we can make it across?

Trust and stepping stones

Keywords: trusting, stepping stone, faith, hiker, hiking, stream, crossing, unknown terrain, confidence, reality

About Museum of Psychology – Visualizing psychology
We understand reality at least through a combination of metaphors, images, stories and experiences. But also through our dreams, understandings, feelings, music, walk of life, directions, expectations, relations… and even more dimensions.

Much of this have in common that we can somehow sketch up maps and drawings of these places, trails and situations. Here on Museum of Psychology I (Frits Ahlefeldt) am drawing up a slowly growing map of our many landscapes of understanding.

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