Taking load of our shoulders

Sometimes lighten the load can make a huge difference

Throwing heavy rocks out of ones backpack

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Psychological stress, secrets, sorrow, trauma or stories from the past are often described as “load on our shoulders” where we carry heavy burdens. One metaphor often used is how to empty ones backpack of stuff, feelings or or other things that holds one down. A bit like throwing rocks out of a backpack

Drawing of a man emptying his backpack for heavy rocks. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Making the load lighter

Keywords: load, sorrow, depression, secret, fear, recovery, post traumatic stress disorder, trauma, ptsd, psychology, landscapes of understanding, landscapesofunderstanding

About Museum of Psychology – Visualizing psychology
We understand reality at least through a combination of metaphors, images, stories and experiences. But also through our dreams, understandings, feelings, music, walk of life, directions, expectations, relations… and even more dimensions.

Much of this have in common that we can somehow sketch up maps and drawings of these places, trails and situations. Here on Museum of Psychology I (Frits Ahlefeldt) am drawing up a slowly growing map of our many landscapes of understanding.

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