Only Life Matters

If you can read this… Things could be worse

Money and the end of the world

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Money is becoming the measure of everything, both in our language, in our relationships and in our understandings. But basing reality on money is not a law of nature, it is a new trend, and it could be a thing we need to change

More and more of us now use words from the world of finance to make sense of life: We “invest” in our relationships, our kids and our health. We value our lives and calculate our needs and how estimate how much we get out of everything from eating, to moving to the countryside, hiking or going to the gym. – More and more of us use metaphors from the logic of money to weight our decisions in many other areas.

As long as there is life… there is hope

In our day to day struggle to make ends meet, it can seem like everything comes down to money – or at least can be measured in money.

But when we, or someone we love, are facing a life threatening situation or the final curtain, our perspective often change as we realize that moments are all we can have and only life matters.

Drawing of a skeleton sitting in money. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Only Life Matters

Keywords: resources, money, time, life, reality, worth, perspectives, psychology, death, sharing, giving, community, wealth

About Museum of Psychology – Visualizing psychology
We understand reality at least through a combination of metaphors, images, stories and experiences. But also through our dreams, understandings, feelings, music, walk of life, directions, expectations, relations… and even more dimensions.

Much of this have in common that we can somehow sketch up maps and drawings of these places, trails and situations. Here on Museum of Psychology I (Frits Ahlefeldt) am drawing up a slowly growing map of our many landscapes of understanding.

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