Social media Junkies

Screen watching seems in many ways to be the new “smoking” something people do in all the breaks and when-ever they can – But is it better or worse for our health?

Are we becoming addicted to Social media?

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Yes, is the simple answer, we are addicted on a global scale… Watch any waiting room, living room, train, airport or group of people. Watch the people on breaks, parents on playgrounds and even people waiting for the red lights to shift… or in the supermarked cue. Chances are many, if not most of them will be holding a phone in their hand or within reach

Smart phone addiction and psychology

But what does it mean for our thrive, our relationships, our ability to concentrate and our to our engagement in local communities? Well it is maybe a bit like climate change. Everybody knows it is bad for us, but nobody really know what to do about it or like to change our habits.

Raise the question and everybody will agree, just like with smoking, that it is not really that much of an improvement, as it is an addiction… Then five minutes later ( at the most) we are all back on the screen… inhaling

Drawing of a man smoking social media junkie. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Social media junkie

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