When crises build trust

Old people were told not to go outside, but instead rely on others to help them… It isolated some, but others it brought out of isolation

Needing each other

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Today technology, resources and even isolation are teaching us to do everything by ourselves. But is it the best for us?

Maybe it is better if we need to rely on each other to get by. Building trust through relationships and better understandings of how each of us is limited in unique ways… so we fit together better.

Drawing of an old lady behind a door and a young guy wearing a facemask, placing groceries in front of it. Psychology illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt isololation
Helping others

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About Museum of Psychology – Visualizing psychology
We understand reality at least through a combination of impressions, metaphors, images, stories and experiences. But also through our dreams, understandings, feelings, music, walk of life, directions, expectations, relations… and much more.

Much of this have in common that we can somehow sketch up maps and drawings of these places, trails and situations. Here on Museum of Psychology I (Frits Ahlefeldt) am drawing up a slowly growing map of our many landscapes of understanding.

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