Saying I’m fine and mean it

For some it is the quick answer no matter what the situation, and in a crises, some are really fine – Others just plan to fake it till they make it

The “Don’t think about me” complex

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

There can be a lot of reasons to just run for it, for “fine” no matter how far there is to that place. It can be because considering everything there are more important things to deal with.

It can be of personal pride, of fear of not getting on the team, the plane or the company promotion list

The difficult part for others is often to know if people are fine, just because they say they are

Drawing of a girl saying "i'm fine" Psychology illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
“I’m fine” character

Keywords: feeling good, know thy self, denial, thrive, psychology, museum of psychology

About Museum of Psychology – Visualizing psychology
We understand reality at least through a combination of impressions, metaphors, images, stories and experiences. But also through our dreams, understandings, feelings, music, walk of life, directions, expectations, relations… and much more.

Much of this have in common that we can somehow sketch up maps and drawings of these places, trails and situations. Here on Museum of Psychology I (Frits Ahlefeldt) am drawing up a slowly growing map of our many landscapes of understanding.

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